Zipp’s Turquoise Horsehair Pottery Vessel is Finished

Zipp’s Turquoise Horse Hair Pottery Vessel is Finished

A new client came to me and asked if I could make a colored vessel to burn the horsehair onto, because “my horse always had a turquoise bridle.”

Never having done this, I was a little concerned to say “Yes,” but I am in a service business, so decided to give it a try. And I sure am glad I did!  I learn so much from my customers!  Thank you Beverly for helping me to learn something new here.  I can now offer to color the vessel for other clients (costs $25 extra).

My clients tell me they love having a vessel or jewelry present to remind them of their wonderful friend who has transitioned.  Some also contact me while their horse is living to get a vessel as well. Either way, it’s a heart felt way to honor your relationship and your memories.

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