NEW Trophy Sized Vases & Bowls


Here are some Photographs of our new Trophy sized 8 inch Vase and 8 inch bowl.


This was made suing Dog hair. You can see the dog’s name “Dash” imprinted on the side. This customer had several dogs that were re-homed, so she bought this bowl fired with their hair, so she could remember them always. She was older and was moving to a home where she could not take her dogs.  They all found good homes.


This shows the name in the bottom.  This client wanted the names inside as well as the bottom and sides.


Another photo of the bowl made with dog’s hair.


Trophy Vase fired using horse hair. Close-up up horsehair affect on our Custom 8 inch Trophy Vase


Here is a photo of our 8 inch tall Trophy vase. This photo taken at a rodeo, where it sold right away : )

(my friends, in the back ground, are getting ready to ride)

$185 shipping included

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