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Call or email me, Scotty King, owner of Dancing Fire Pottery. I would love to hear about your horse. After we talk, I will create a handcrafted one-of-a-kind work of art for you to enjoy. Besides being beautiful, it will connect you deeply with the love you feel for your beloved horse & friend. Clients have told me they feel the”soul of their beloved horse” upon touching their Vase.  It truly is a “Touchstone of Love.”  Micro DNA particles from the hair get embedded into the surface of the clay through this soulful pottery firing process, and this create the beautiful patterns.  I think of your horse and our conversation while I handcraft your piece.

For all inquiries, I would love to hear about your horse (or dog). Please e-mail me at

or call (707) 277-1222.  Please leave a message with your phone number and I will call you back.  I return calls on Friday and Saturday.

In the meantime, browse our photos, and see what you enjoy. See photos here: click to see Products

In addition to these photos, please check out my work where you can see videos that show how these works of art are created.  I truly put my heart into each piece.





We create your art piece using our unique Raku pottery process. Your pet’s DNA carbon is deposited on the clay, creating unique & beautiful designs. In approximately 4 weeks, your piece gets shipped back to you using the United States Postal Service (USPS). Every Dancing Fire Pottery creation is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted work of art.  All orders are guaranteed — Satisfaction or your money back.
Email me to arrange a call back to talk about your horse and your needs.
Scott King
Dancing Fire Pottery
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 277-1222


“I can’t say enough great things about this guy — he did a wonderful job on Julius’s hair pot and the pendants. Thank you so much!! For all of my horse friends — Scotty is fantastic!!!”
—Megan Delgado Mitchell

“Scotty, my daughter absolutely LOVED her vessel and jewelry! She actually cried and said best gift ever! Thank you so much! She is giving her trainer her vessel tomorrow for Christmas! Can’t thank you enough! You really have a talent that touches people
—J. Cullen

“I can’t tell you how incredibly happy I am with the vase and jewelry Scotty has made for me. These beautiful pieces will be such a amazing reminder of my special boy for a long time to come. It has far exceeded my expectations!”

“Scotty, Thank you again so much for creating these beautiful horsehair pottery tiles for the jewelry boxes, the necklaces and the pony hanging ornament. I was mesmerized by the video watching Rodney’s hair being transformed forever on the tile. What a beautiful way to preserve the happy memories of this gentle and beloved horse. And what precious, unique gifts these are for those who remember Rodney so fondly! Thank you for your caring and craftsmanship.”

“Absolutely gorgeous! I had art work made with my horse’s hair a couple years back, and now I’m doing the same for my best friend’s horse. Scotty has a very special talent, his work allows us to keep our furry friends with us forever. Thank you Scotty! I will come back to Scotty for all of my horse hair art!”

I received the piece. It’s wonderful. Thanks you so much for your help with this. We love it.

It arrived today!  It is BEAUTIFUL!!! And PERFECT!!!  It is a Sweetest Day gift for my husband so I will be giving it to him next Saturday (the 15th). I am going to get a bamboo plant to put in it (they do well in a bed of just small gravel). I will absolutely send you pictures once it is all planted! THANK YOU so much!!!

Hi Scotty
I opened the box finally yesterday and think they are perfect.  Tammy will be very pleased. I like your idea of the black collar around the vase.  Looks like a dog collar. Thank you for your beautiful work.