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Cherish a Timeless Treasure by Co-Creating Horsehair Ceramic Art!


Here is the latest order of our Horsehair pottery we have shipped. •Each hand-thrown clay pot is lovingly adorned using a unique firing process with hair from our clients’ beloved horses.  •The name is carved on the bottom. •Clients simply

Zipp’s Turquoise Horsehair Pottery Vessel is Finished

Zipp’s Turquoise Horse Hair Pottery Vessel is Finished

A new client came to me and asked if I could make a colored vessel to burn the horsehair onto, because “my horse always had a turquoise bridle.” Never having done this, I was a little concerned to say “Yes,” but

Pet Hair Pottery

Dancing Fire Pottery

The two vases on the left were fired using dog hair, and the two on the right were fired using horse hair. These are our 5 inch handcrafted, hand-thrown,made with white clay vessels. •Each hand-thrown clay pot is lovingly adorned