Hand-thrown Pottery Vases, $65 to $395 (all prices include shipping).  All our products are handcrafted, made to order and fired using a unique Raku firing process using the hair you mail to us.

Our product line starts with our Rounded Vases, which come in three sizes

Rounded Vase: 5 inch ($65), 7 inch ($155), and 9 inch ($295).

Next up are our Carousel Vases, we wrap horse hair around the top, which come in three sizes

Carousel Vases: 5 inch ($95), 7 inch ($195), and 9 inch ($355).

Urn: (hold 4 cups) – $135

Ornaments & Jewelry, $30

Rosewood Jewelry Boxes with Custom 6 inch Tile, $90

Custom 6 inch Tile with Stand, $50

Plate (9 inch, comes with wall hanger) $150



Set of three Vases (aprox 3 inches) $120 (free shipping)

Set of six Vases (aprox 3 inches high) $200 (free shipping)

Set of eight Vases (apox 3 inches high) $240 (free shipping)

20171224_142440 20171224_142934 20171224_142519 double-wrapped-with-blue-bead 20170916_143037

6 inch custom tile in stand, $50 shipped

6 inch custom tile in stand, $50 shipped

20170916_153428 rodeo-trophy-vase rodeo-dog rodeo-me 20170916_143902 20170916_143843 20171006_154634 20171006_154629 20171006_154528 20171102_162534 20171102_162631

20170324_171315 20170324_170835 20170324_164939 20170324_154934 20170324_154855 20161106_131430 20161106_132425 20160907_161032 Pet Hair Pendants20171102_162849 20171102_163843   Enjoy this Video Showing our Products Enjoy this Video Showing our Products horse-eye-pot_cropped Shorty Loves the Ornaments! 20171006_154247 20171006_153700 shorty-likes-ornaments dsc_3108 dsc_3079 dsc_3010

Dancing Fire Pottery Horse Hair Urn Pet Hair Pottery

Horsehair Vessel

Horsehair Vessel

This was made to honor the horse CHER BEELER

This was made to honor the horse CHER BEELER

CHER Horse Hair Pottery for Annie 20160907_160931 Ross on bottom 20161106_132110 20160702_183817 20161106_125239 20161106_125304 20161106_132732 dog-pot 20161002_142814

*Please note that the locking version of the jewelry box is no longer available.

Urn1Lidded Urns – $105 (includes free shipping)

Custom made urns. This example on the left is decorated with dog hair, which burns on differently from horsehair, but still leaves a beautiful design. They hold up to 4 cups of ashes.

Free Shipping within the United States.



For any inquiries, feel free to e-mail me at

or call (707) 277-1222

8 Responses to Products

  1. Ellen Pearson says:

    I’m interested in your pottery and your jewelry, especially the Art Deco pendant. I have an assortment of locks from beloved horses & Border Collies. I’ll look for mane hair for pendant, but would like to discuss a vessel of some sort, as well. Thanks. Ellen Pearson Pittsboro NC

  2. admin says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I hope I answered your questions. Our site is new so I’m just checking back to be sure you got my email.
    please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you,

  3. Reba Pieczynski says:

    Scott did an awesome job making a piece of pottery for me to give my husband for a 30th anniversary gift. You rock! Reba P. Richardson, TX

  4. admin says:

    Reba, it was a wonderful pleasure to work with you and kind of intimate really as I took the hair out of the two envelopes to combine them in the dancing fire on the wedding vase. Thank you for commissioning this unique 2 opening Mexican wedding vase! I need to get the picture up here and I hope to do more,

  5. Helen says:

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance you take orders from/ship to the uk is there? Your work is beautiful!

  6. admin says:

    Helen, I’d love to create a custom work of art for you and ship it to the UK. I don’t know what the postage is at this time but if I could pass that on to you there is no problem.


  7. Mary Lou Gicker says:

    Hello. A few years ago a friend (Eileen Morgan) gave me one of your pet vessels for my horse, Reno. Our daughter, Jackie, has asked if I could order a pendant for her for Christmas! Sh really likes my vessel and I keep your card inside it when people ask about your work. If I send some of her horse’s mane/tail hair immediately would it be possible to have a pendant done by Christmas? Her horse’s nickname is Doc and he is a 29 yr old quarter horse. She has owned him since she was little and he means the world to her.
    Thank you,
    Mary Lou Gicker

  8. admin says:

    thank you Mary Lou!

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