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Dear Horse (and Pet) People,

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You might know me as Scotty King, but I’m actually a descendent from a long line of potters. My grandmother started my ceramic training at 9 years old getting me on her potters wheel in her large kitchen. I kept throwing pots right into college and studied under master potter and Sacramento icon Ruth Rippon. Then I switched to mathematics and later diabetes. Now, 50 years later, I’m back at the wheel and loving it. And I have some very good news. My business handcrafts one-of-a-kind pieces for clients wanting to honor their beloved. Most of my current customers are horse owners. They mail me hair from their beloved horse which gets fired and the vessel walls are then seeded with the horse’s DNA (see photos below).

Now I’ve branched out producing vessels fired with hair from dogs, cats, pets, parents, and partners. 

All things in life are ultimately temporary, especially our pets. But pottery can last almost forever, 15,000 years in some cases. We take some essence of something quite temporary (hair from your beloved), and handcraft a work of art that can last forever. You can take delivery of a timeless treasure that is seeded with DNA from your beloved. The bonus is that it creates a beautiful and random artistic design. Clients sometimes report ‘seeing’ images they recognize in the vessels they receive from me. They also report being profoundly affected and pleased by holding and feeling the clay vessel adorned with the name of their beloved carved under neith. Many have written me to share how they were moved to tears.

“Scotty, my daughter absolutely LOVED her vessel and jewelry! She actually cried and said best gift ever!!! Thank you so much!! She is giving her trainer her vessel tomorrow for Christmas! Can’t thank you enough! You really have a talent that touches people 🙂 — J. Cullen

My dream is to create 1000’s of “touchstones,” handcrafted clay creations creating a heart-space where my clients can feel the depth of their love remembering their beloveds. 

Do You Have a Beloved You Wish to Honor?

Each hand-thrown clay vessel is lovingly adorned using this unique firing process with hair from your beloved (horse, dog, cat, pet or partner/parent/child). The name you wish to honor is carved underneath.

I’ve attached photos of my work at the bottom. Most popular is our 5-inch vessel, and we also offer jewelry, jewelry boxes, and ornaments as well.

All orders received by the 1st of the month, will be made to order and shipped back about the 15th. See our photos and prices below.

Also, if you have a special project or similar idea in mind, let’s discuss your custom project together. Our goal is to have especially satisfied customers who honor their beloved with Dancing Fire Pottery.


Scotty King

PS See how the fire ‘dances.’ Watch this video.

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Horsehair Vessel

Horsehair Vessel

Horsehair Pottery vase ($65 includes shipping)


’Shorty,’ approves of this Horsehair Pottery vase ($65 includes shipping)


Ross got his name carved the bottom


This picture above, shows Dog Hair decorated vessels ($65 includes shipping), send 2 Tbsp of dog hair


Horse Ornament, Fired with your horse’s hair ($30 includes shipping)


Two styles of Earrings to choose from (oval or round), Fired with your pets hair ($30 includes shipping)


Large Necklace, 2.25 inch tall x 1.5 inch
Fired with your pets hair ($30 includes shipping)


This is our Combo, includes the vase, earrings & necklace, (choice of large, see above, or small  necklace 1.5 inch tall x 1 inch as shown with combo), all fired with your pets hair, ($99 includes shipping)


Honor your horse or pet with a custom Rosewood Locking Jewelry Box, the name you wish to honor is carved into the tile lid ($100 includes shipping).


Scotty King

Our Customers Say:

“I can’t tell you how incredibly happy I am with the vase and jewelry Scotty has made for me. These beautiful pieces will be such a amazing reminder of my special boy for a long time to come. It has far exceeded my expectations!”—KARLIE MANEOTIS

“Scotty, Thank you again so much for creating these beautiful horsehair pottery tiles for the jewelry boxes, the necklaces and the pony hanging ornament. I was mesmerized by the video watching Rodney’s hair being transformed forever on the tile. What a beautiful way to preserve the happy memories of this gentle and beloved horse. And what precious, unique gifts these are for those who remember Rodney so fondly! Thank you for your caring and craftsmanship.” —NADINE LANDAU

“Absolutely gorgeous! I had art work made with my horse’s hair a couple years back, and now I’m doing the same for my best friend’s horse. Scotty has a very special talent, his work allows us to keep our furry friends with us forever. Thank you Scotty! I will come back to Scotty for all of my horse hair art!”—MARY KATE