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Horsehair Ornaments, Get a Whole Set!

Shorty is in the house, and he approves our horsehair hanging ornaments! One-of-a-kind handcrafted ornaments are made using hair from your horse or other beloved friend. Your horses name is imprinted in the wet clay. Natural white clay is then fired

Three Horsehair Pottery Jewelry Boxes to remember the horse Rodney!

For this blog post I can do no better then provide the words from my customer, Nadine.  She saved tail hair from her beloved family horse, Rodney, and after many years decided to get three jewelry boxes made, a gift for

Zipp’s Turquoise Horsehair Pottery Vessel is Finished

A new client came to me and asked if I could make a colored vessel to burn the horsehair onto, because “my horse always had a turquoise bridle.” Never having done this, I was a little concerned to say “Yes,” but

CHER had beautiful blond hair!

Many of my customers come looking for a custom art vase when their horse has transitioned. One such commission came to us through a veterinarian.  Tail hairs were mailed to from their beloved horse, CHER.  Using my potters wheel, I