Three Horsehair Pottery Jewelry Boxes to remember the horse Rodney!

For this blog post I can do no better then provide the words from my customer, Nadine.  She saved tail hair from her beloved family horse, Rodney, and after many years decided to get three jewelry boxes made, a gift for each of Rodney’s riders (horsehair).  I honored Rodney by filming the process of putting his hairs onto the 1000º tile.  (See video below.) When the tiles were done, they are glued into the lid of a pre-made rosewood jewelry box. I also included 2 necklaces, and a holiday horse ornament decorated with Rodney’s hair. When Nadine received the boxes in the mail, she had this to say:

“The jewelry boxes have arrived!  I received them Friday and could not wait to open the packages – they are so amazing and lovely!  And thank you so much for the surprises!  The necklaces — the horse ornament is absolutely precious!!!  Wow!!  I am keeping a necklace for myself and will be giving my daughter hers this week.  She will be totally, totally surprised!!  I am sure people see what they want to see in the patterns the horse hair creates, but on the box I have chosen to give my cousin (the owner of Rodney) if I turn the box to the side, in the pattern I truly, truly see a horse flicking his mane and tail!!  To me it’s so clear that now that I have seen it, I can’t not see it!  I am so thankful I found you and I thank you so much for creating such treasures.”

Thank you Nadine!

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