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Cherish a Timeless Treasure by Co-Creating Horsehair Ceramic Art!

Here is the latest order of our Horsehair pottery we have shipped. •Each hand-thrown clay pot is lovingly adorned using a unique firing process with hair from our clients’ beloved horses.  •The name is carved on the bottom. •Clients simply

Three Horsehair Pottery Jewelry Boxes to remember the horse Rodney!

For this blog post I can do no better then provide the words from my customer, Nadine.  She saved tail hair from her beloved family horse, Rodney, and after many years decided to get three jewelry boxes made, a gift for

Pendant Necklace for Z, Horse Hair Pottery

My client loves keeping a part of her horse, (the DNA from her horses hair) close to her heart.  It is on her horsehair Pottery necklace. When the necklace accidentally broke, she contacted me right to have another one made.  I

Horse Hair Pottery for Annie

Here is the finished product for a vessel I make for the owners of Annie. This has gone through many steps: clay is wedged, thrown on the potter’s wheel, trimmed, dried, Terra sigillata is brushed on and polished to a

Horsehair Pottery for Wabash

Horsehair Pottery for Wabash

In this video I take the handmade horsehair pottery for Wabash out of the kiln at 1000 degrees. Then it’s set spinning and you can see the Dancing Fire Pottery happen as it goes.

Zipp’s Turquoise Horsehair Pottery Vessel is Finished

A new client came to me and asked if I could make a colored vessel to burn the horsehair onto, because “my horse always had a turquoise bridle.” Never having done this, I was a little concerned to say “Yes,” but

CHER had beautiful blond hair!

Many of my customers come looking for a custom art vase when their horse has transitioned. One such commission came to us through a veterinarian.  Tail hairs were mailed to from their beloved horse, CHER.  Using my potters wheel, I